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Landing Page Themes

Our landing page Themes enables you to create beautiful designs using an extensive, beyond the box feature set. Advanced Hero Sections, Pop up media-rich, Content and Video Galleries, FAQs, Social connections, Customised Countdown timers, Pricing Tables as well as blog, product & offer showcasing are only some of the possibilities you can build. The PMP Advance Content Section is the flagship framework for all themes.

Website Themes

Maintain branding consistency across your website, landing pages and products themes. Our Website themes are purpose-built to keep your complete site intact, seamlessly. Quickly build your headers, footers and navigation and transfer your design across your landing, sales pages, website and product themes. Completely redesign and develop your blog and your blog pages, make your website and blog the way you want it to be, the way it should be!

Product Themes

Themes are compatible with the Standard Premier theme, the most common default theme provided by the Kajabi platform, Upgrade to our themes in a minute without rebuilding your designs. Upgrade and instantly tap into our advanced feature set. Product themes include our famous NaviMenu system for building advanced customised navigation structures form CTA buttons to drop down menus, and much more are all included.


Themes include All the PMP Features

Access the growing list of PMP features to publish stunning designs.


The most versatile Navigation Menu header available. Design with confidence knowing you have the tools at your fingertips to create, fixed and overlay navigation bars, Top bar Countdown CTA buttons, Drop down menus, Social links and icons and Blog Showcase being only the starter for your website branding.


Bringing Galleries to an entirely new level, publish advanced media rich combo galleries and popups from a simple CTA button that popups any content you like with videos, content, opt-in forms through to full video and image galleries to showcase your courses and product content. FancyPopup can create multiple single popups on the page or a swipe left or right carousel-style gallery.


Not just limited to text overlays & background images. Publish a hero section that STANDS OUT for your home page or any sales page. Including CountDown timer, Hide & Reveal content, opt-in forms, text and video. Also featuring the Overlay Hero Ribbon section. This hero is not just any hero; it is a complete toolset on its own to deliver your message and drive conversions.

Pricing Tables

If sales is something you care about, then pricing tables matter! The PMP Pricing Tables, like all sections, are designed with the experience in online sales. They do not only look great; they also include all the tools the PROs are already using, Price switching, custom icons, muting, hover over tool-tips, custom badges are just the beginning.


Showcase your latest blog articles or any blog article from your chosen category using the PMP blogs section including on page category filters, custom filters & sorting button. All within the tradition of the PMP design feature set full custom designing and layouts are available to you in the page builder.


Not just a simple FAQ accordion section, it's a high power fully custom list building weapon. Although initially conceived for those that need a FAQ section with a little more control over the look and feel. The power is in the ability to create custom lists using custom icons or use your icon images, multiple columns, mixed content and more. Style your lists or “FAQs” for Desktop and mobile screen.  


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